Setting Trends & Standards Since 2012

Meet Chantelle

Owner and Operator of Upcycled Attics and H&H Creative Home Design LLC. She’s nothing short of spontaneous, creative, & witty. Her designs are focused around giving her clients and pieces a simple uniqueness. She plays an active role in remodeling and flipping homes for her company as well as designing and flipping homes for homeowners, investors, and small business owners. Chantelle is impeccable at tapping into her clients personal preferences. She adds her professional touch and knowledge to each job to perfect every client’s vision. She will never let the client settle and she always takes the extra effort in providing each client with numerous design options to help them better envision their space.

H&H Creative Home Design

H&H specializes in home remodels that are curated in creativity and originality but also left timeless. We believe in the blending of modernity and tradition and that every homeowner deserves a custom design that not only adds a personal touch throughout each space but leaves them with equity in their home at the end of it all.

Services we offer include:

  • Design Consultation

  • Interior Staging

  • Custom Interior Design Plans

  • Home Remodeling

  • Custom Home Builds

  • General Contracting Services

Upcycled Attics

Chantelle’s love for design began with her furniture refinishing business – where she gave life back to timeless pieces that had been unloved and forgotten through new finishes, paint, and beautiful hardware. Her upcylced pieces are now for sale both online & at her store Ruston Mercantile located in the heart of Tacoma, Washington.